Jorge Lahuerta is a tremendously curious person. An illustrator lover and Mortadelo and Filemón comics who, as a child, already shaped with his pencils whatever came his way. At some point in his life, he took the decisive step of leaving everything behind to devote himself exclusively to his passion.

Now, many years later, she looks back and reviews the moments and successes she has experienced. His exhibition «Lawerta: 10 years doing the same thing» is, in his words, a celebration. «We celebrate that we are here, but above all that we will continue drawing».

Lawerta, as a firm, was born by chance. During his stay in the United States, they misspelled his last name, changing Lahuerta for Lawerta.

An oversight that would become his hallmark. Jorge always had in mind the idea of creating his own design studio. He would have to spend several seasons working for others in studios in Valencia, New York, Buenos Aires… until, back in his homeland, this project took shape.

It was the endless schedules of a profession, already sacrificing in itself, which gave him the final push in his goal of being his own boss.

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