Gregorio Gil is a sculptor artist and companion of Michelangelo with whom he shares, on different floors, the studio overlooking the mountain of Puertomingalvo. Gregorio who accompanies us to show his ideas. In his workshop we find an infinity of sculpted figures and all kinds of tools. We also witnessed him in full creative phase, working from his sketches, in a sculpture that takes the form of a couple that merges into an eternal embrace.

We are struck by a sample of pieces of micro-reliefs, painstakingly worked, which is spread out on a large table in the workshop. Different proposals that are forming patterns on the irregular surface of the stone, which look with the unique and own touch of the work handmade with care. We find from traditional designs to more daring ones. They fit perfectly in the ceramic market, not only because of the profuse appearance of ceramic effects in recent years, which could transfer these textures to the manufacture of tiles, but also because of the tendency to search for handmade finishes within the sector.

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A jewel of popular modernism located just 5km from the center of Valencia, it immerses you in an alternative and bohemian microcosm. Valencia, immerses you in an alternative and bohemian microcosm.