Kerafrit was born in 1997 as a manufacturing company of frits, glazes and ceramic pigments, later adding in its catalogue the manufacturing of mediums, additives, digital inks and other materials used in ceramic industry.

In its nearly 20 years, Kerafrit has managed to consolidate a prominent position in the ceramic market, with a wide commercial presence in the world.

Its continuous investments and firm commitment to R&D have made possible to get an excellent level of quality and careful customer service, as well as the capability to offer the last advances in materials and technology.
Our Export Commercial Manager Jose Quero and our CEO Pedro Jaquotot thank the recognition awarded by the Chamber of Commerce for the Best Exporting SME 2018.
Research, development and innovation as a fundamental pillarfor success.  Kerafrit has been awarded the Golden Alpha by the SpanishCeramics and Glass Society on different occasions.