A jewel of popular modernism located just 5km from the center of Valencia, it immerses you in an alternative and bohemian microcosm.

El Cabanyal takes you on a journey back in time to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where art nouveau and modernism were in vogue.
where the art nouveau and modernism were in vogue; with the peculiarity that the modernism of the modernism of the Cabañal yields much of its prominence to ceramics.

fishermen chose it as the star material with which to protect their facades from the humidity of the sea.
El Cabañal is a neighborhood that is to be discovered and rediscovered, since many of the inhabitants of the inhabitants of the city of Valencia do not know this neighborhood in depth, perhaps because for years it has been immersed for years it has been immersed in an important abandonment.
Today, the Cabañal is experiencing a flourishing, due to the sustainable business development sustainable that is allowing the marriage between the traders of all the life with young entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, to manage restaurants with charm, evening and nightlife spaces nightlife.

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