Alfa de Oro Cevisama 2015

Febrero 2015

The R&D laboratory of Kerafrit has developed a new product, the KerXshield Project, which consists of the development of a new ceramic body with a high percentage of a special frit that is the base of tiles that obtain an important shielding from the radiations X and gamma and by that they can be placed in Hospitals, Radiological Rooms, Protection zones, etc. 

This project has been awarded with the Golden Alfa 2015 prize conducted by the Spanish Ceramic and Glass Society in Cevisama's past edition in 2015.

The shielding that KerXshield offers for a focused energy of 100 keV can be compared to the shielding that the following materials offer:

  • 1 mm of lead
  • 20mm of steel
  • 100mm of concrete
  • 130mm of red brick
  • 390mm of plaster board

The principal characteristics of KerXshield are:

 - It doesn’t use metallic lead avoiding risks associated with its toxicity 

- Lead leaching <0.5 mg/kg (UNE – EN 12457:2003) Classification INERT RESIDUE       (Decision of the Council of December 19, 2002. Article 16, II Annex of the Board 1999/31/CEE) 

- The concrete of joints can be prepared with the micronized frits doing the function of arid

 - The ceramic tile KerXshield needs less space and is more light than the alternatives based in plaster or in walls of concrete 

- Easy to install on already existing walls 

- Possibility of being glazed and personalize decoration 

- Classification as porcelanic


The applications of the KerXshield are:

 Shielding X-ray in different contexts:

  • Medicine (Radio diagnose, odontolgy, X-ray photographies, mamographies)
  • Radio therapy (superficial, deep and intense)
  • Industry (detection of cracks, analysis of the materials)
  • Investigation (technologies of analysis) 


To conclude KERXSHIELD is a ceramic material with high technical benefits that contributes to a constructive solution to an important problem like the shielding  X-rays considering several aspects, the technician, the architectural one and the environmental one (inert waste residue).

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